Bliss Lau’s Fall 2011 Campaign: Leather Creations

If you read about the fall designs from Bliss Lau purely on paper, you would be forgiven for conjuring up a hard, fetish, almost punkish vision. Multiple leather straps with metal connections, over lingerie. The concept definitely suggests something dark and seductive. Incredibly however, Bliss Lau’s fall 2011 collection manages to take the opposite direction, with the garments almost appearing soft and romantic. Her unique approach to the leather creations are neither garments or accessories, but somewhere interesting in the middle. They are in some kind of unique, artistic place all of their own.

Photographed here by Eric Guillemain, the fall campaign stars model Amada Norgaard. There is a soft, almost balletic theme, which is what enhances the feeling of romance and femininity from the leather creations. Of course, these are not your everyday fashion pieces, but these shots definitely prove that these leather straps and accessories can be so much more versatile and romantic that anyone may have previously thought. We love the cute milkmaid plaits; they make Amanda look very cute and are the perfect antidote to the leather garments.