Brittany Hollis in Feather Creations

by Alice Byrne

Brittany Hollis looks every inch the wild and colorful bird of paradise in this collection of beauty portraits that were shot by photographer Jeff Tse. The hugely impressive hair and feather design by Cash Lawless is the focal point of these portraits. Feathers is one trend that is never far from the top, and here Brittany takes this style statement to the extreme, and the results are completely stunning. Paired with vivid make-up by Kouta at Jed Root, Brittany looks totally engaging and captivating in these portraits.

The photographs portray a sense of fashion fantasy, it’s not as though any one would ever really wear these feather creations down the street. This does not matter though, the concept and execution of this series of beauty portraits is faultless. We especially feel that the close-up photograph is incredibly beautiful and very charming.