Christian Louboutin vs. Yves Saint Laurent

by Daniel Haim

Fashion is one industry where copyright laws and rights have a blurry borderline. The subject has been tackled many times by the best in the business, but as of yet no real headway has been made towards hard and fast rules. Copyright is a dangerous area for fashion houses to pursue, as today has shown, with the case of Christian Louboutin vs Yves Saint Laurent. Louboutin is accusing Yves Saint Laurent of copying the signature red soled shoes, for which the label is so well known for.

This case may have major repercussions throughout the industry, as retailers at every level may soon be able to copy the iconic Christian Louboutin red soles. On Wednesday, a judge declined to grant a preliminary injunction that was requested by Louboutin, so as it stands Yves Saint Laurent are cleared to continue producing the red soled designs.

The red soles are so iconic for the Christian Louboutin label, that the attempt to create their own by Yves Saint Laurent seems absurd. However is looks as though the fashion house are going to get the go-ahead to continue their red-soled manufacturing, paving the way for fashion retailers at every level to mimic this iconic style.