The Dark Side of Chanel, with Mirte Maas

by Daniel Haim

Chanel’s fall collection is a fair bit darker and more rock and roll than we are used to seeing from the French fashion house, so to celebrate this slight change in direction, Dazed and Confused have featured an editorial dedicated to the new designs in their September issue. Shot by Hugh Lippe, this outdoor fashion story stars Dutch model Mirte Maas looking possessed and out of this world. Styled by Tracey Nicholson, the Chanel pieces and the moody color palette work wonderfully with the eerie, gloomy and mysterious woodland setting.

This editorial is a great example of conceptually dark photography. Mirte is dressed in a series of androgynous and grungy outfits from the new collection from Chanel, and there is a clear intention for an unusual, eerie appeal in this shoot by Hugh and Mirte. The photograph where Mirte is rolling her eyes back into her skull is definitely an unusual approach to fashion photography, but it completely works within the context of the photo shoot. With her arms outstretched and surrounded by smoke, Mirte seems to have dark, freaky, glamorous appeal down to a fine art.