Elle UK, Alternative Subscription Covers

by Alice Byrne

I have a subscription to Elle UK, and one thing they are great at is alternative subscription covers. So rather than the usual, off the shelf, commercial cover, lucky subscribers like myself receive a more interesting, arty and innovative approach the the cover of the publication. These covers are nearly always of celebrities, who usually feature in a fashion editorial and interview inside. These covers are minus all the text, titles and tag-lines that feature on the main cover, and instead usually feature scribbles and signatures from the cover star.

Here I have complied some of my favorite, and the most interesting subscription covers from the past years. There is Kylie Minogue, who is totally blurred out, you cannot even really see her. It is an interesting approach, I am not even really sure whether I like it or not, but it is a brave move, and I think it works. I also really like the most recent cover, of Kirsten Dunst, a black and white photograph with big lilac flowers.

Granted, these covers are not as innovative or imaginative as the covers we see from the likes of Love or POP Magazine, but for a publication as commercial as Elle, I think it is a really great move on their part, to give their subscribers something a little more interesting and special.