Emma Stone and Olivia Wilde, New Faces of Revlon

If they weren’t hot enough at the moment, Olivia Wilde and Emma Stone have been named the new ambassadors of Revlon. Joining huge a-listers like Halle Berry, Jessica Biel and Jessica Alba, Stone recalls her early love for the brand watching her mother use the brand and also recalling the moment she was finally able to wear it herself. She also states “Revlon recognizes that every woman is multifaceted and magnificent in their own way and the expression of individuality is as important to Revlon as it is to me”.

Wilde, seconds her excitement saying “I also love that that they use their tremendous recognizability around the world to do good as one of the industries biggest champions of women’s health. It’s exciting to join a company with a big heart and big ideas”.

Wilde and Stone are perfect picks, both stunning and intelligent and both, in my opinion, coming into their own in the industry.