Gavin DeGraw Hospitalized After Being Assaulted In The Streets of New York City

by Daniel Haim

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We used to hangout with Gavin DeGraw’s brother, Joey DeGraw back when we used to hit the bars in New York City and let me tell you these two brothers are two very cool people that know how to drink.

This morning we woke up to some terrible news and discovered that our dear friend Gavin DeGraw was taken by an ambulance to the hospital in New York City after being assaulted late Sunday.

TheHollywoodReporter confirmed the news earlier today. DeGraw, who is best known for his hit “I Don’t Want to Be” was taken by an ambulance after an attack late Sunday. DeGraw remains under observation but the representative did not provide additional information about the attack. TMZ who first reported the news (of course) claimed he was assaulted by multiple attackers. But is that the case?

The New York Post, which is a very unreliable source of information reported that DeGraw had been drinking with a group of  friends before leaving the bar, and that the attack took place around 3:50 AM and 4:20 AM at 6th Street and 1st Avenue in New York City.

Until we hear more news, we wish Gavin DeGraw and his family a very quick recovery.