Now – Is Happening Right Now

by Daniel Haim

TOSAY.IT is a continuation and a large update of our past projects with public text posters. After it gained a big exposure and interest through the internet and publications. we started to receive emails from people who were interested in doing the same, there were plenty of street artists & art students among interested. The messages found their new lives on the websites, blogs, books and even tattooed on the bodies.

It stimulated us to bring the project to the next level by creating a website, where people could expose the posters they hung up in their locations. So that the website as a medium stimulates people to put up their messages, that together could be considered as one reflective piece. We came up with the domain name TOSAY.IT.

The main idea of the project is to explore text, streets & internet as an artistic medium, to broadcast actual ideas that are usually ignored by mass media, or to comment on the issues that seem important to put up by the author of the text. We hope the website will became an interesting public platform to explore, where words became more accessible. Participants of the project are people with different ideas, backgrounds, hometowns, so the texts are also different. Every time we travel somewhere we take posters with us, so the project becomes widespread.