Henryk Lobaczewski Tackles Color

Color is such an important part of fashion. Some people are scared of it, while others think the more colors the better. There is such huge potential for color clashes and wrong combinations that many people shy away from color overloads and keep things plain and simple. Photographer Henryk Lobaczewski tackles color in this latest shoot, demonstrating one key color rule: if your going to go colorful, go bold, in a big way. This shoot shows that a fearless use of color can work fantastically.

Styled by Phoenix Keating, model Laura Gorun’s fair hair and flawless complexion is the perfect blank canvas upon which to build a color story. The shoot features key colors from 2011, from a rich forest green to golden yellow and burnt orange. Everything in this shoot is colorful for a reason, from the accessories, to jewelry, nails, color popping lipstick and the clothes themselves. This shoot is the perfect how-to guide for experimenting with color.