Hello Kitty Hitting the Cover of Numero Homme

by Alice Byrne

Okay, so everyone knows that Hello Kitty is a Japanese thing. I went to Tokyo, and seriously, that cute little kitty is everywhere. So here is Hello Kitty, making an appearance on the cover of the July issue of Japanese Numero Homme. It seems that this publication is keen of blurring the gender line on this cover, with what could be considered a girly colour scheme, styling, and overall, a very cute aesthetic.

The cover features male model Harry Goodwins, and I think its a pretty great cover. I don’t often have much love for cover images, as they are often very commercial, and fairly unimaginative. This cover is commercial, but even a small touch like the appearance of Hello Kitty makes it stand out a little. I think there is a big move at the moment for magazines to keep producing innovative and interesting covers. Some publications do it well, Numero is one of them, as well as Love, i-D, POP etc.