British Army must not intervene in London Riots

The London riots are ‘escalating’ in the eyes of the media, and calls for the British Army to intervene keep mounting. However, I would like to point out that such intervention would symbolize a deep fracture in British society and cause more harm than good.

I commend the Government’s drafting of an extra 16,000 police officers to placate unruly thugs across the nation instead of drafting in soldiers. Why am I so opposed to such intervention? Having a military presence on the streets would be the last resort to return civil order. We are far from such a situation, and 99% of the British public oppose this unrest. We are not witnessing an Egyptian style uprising against the Conservative led Government and the idea of tanks, SAS or any other military personnel patrolling the streets is absurd.

I would also like to point out that making a show of force will invite more people to challenge order rather than avoid it. It’s like fighting fire with fire. When the media turns the heat up on London with headlines like ‘Army invades London’, what does that send out to the rest of the world? Will that not embolden the thugs to do more damage now that their voice has been heard?

For those of you who are witnessing riots, shop break-ins and robberies, I totally sympathize. There is no excuse for it, and it’s a complete disgrace people are doing this to make an ill-conceived point. People have the right to protest but not to hurt the lives of others. I totally support the London Police and wish for all citizens to be protected against this senseless violence.