Freja Beha and Sasha Pivovarova in W Magazine

by Julia Dalton

If you didn’t think that Freja Beha Erichsen and Sasha Pivovarova could have anymore of a ‘Wow‘ Factor, well just check out their amazing spread in this month’s W Magazine photographed by Mario Sorrenti. We wrote about this spread before on Bloginity but Alice didn’t really touch on the makeup. Between the amazing styling and the stunningly matching makeup this editorial spread screams Ka-POW!

The bright blue eye makeup – which is something that I did for an amazing video once – and darkly drawn out lined eye are both a perfect fit for this spread. In my mind a perfectly natural, flawless face and a really strong – in this case slightly crazy – eye makes for a wonderful and magical image. Also, the double toned hair adds the perfect contrast to the images.

TIP: Check out the white liner used in the lower line of the blue makeup. I love using a white liner in the lower line dealing with blue eyes. It really makes the eye colors pop without making much notice of the not often used white liner (perfect example are the images of Sasha Pivovarova). Try it out and enjoy it along with this amazing editorial.