Monique Péan CFDA Book

by Team Bloginity

Monique Péan, Wall Street banker turned eco-friendly jewelry designer & philanthropist, creates sustainable fine jewelry inspired by indigenous cultures. Monique uses eco friendly, sustainable, conflict free and fair trade materials and donates 10% of its profits to a charity. After being nominated for the CFDA/Vogue Fashion Fund competition (the Oscars of the fashion world), Monique was asked to compete in a series of challenges to get her to the top 10 and ultimately to the top 3 finalist position. Monique knew that she needed a branding team with similar principals to help her create eco-friendly pieces to tell her unique brand story.

Roanne and her team worked to shape Monique’s brand story into a one-of-a-kind oversized brand book. We were told that judges (editor-in-chief of Vogue, Anna Wintour among other fashion-world authorities) scrutinizehh every detail of these books, so we took the challenge very seriously and put all of our efforts into making a distinctly beautiful, sustainable and an informative book. We designed an over-sized hand bound book with 25,000 year old Mammoth bone pieces from Antarctica in-laid into the sustainable canvas cover.

Once the CFDA challenges intensified, Monique asked us to collaborate on a necklace design inspired by Google. Roanne’s team collaborated with Monique to design the Google’s mantra Don’t Be Evil into 12 mammoth bone pieces in 12 different languages ranging from Cuneiform to simple Chinese to show the progression of language and to pay homage to Google for transforming the way we communicate today.

We had very strong applicant pool this year, particularly among the jewelers. The ten finalists we selected are a talented, diverse group, who are building healthy independent businesses in challenging times. – Anna Wintour

Monique became a top 3 CFDA finalist winning her both publicity as well as positioning her as an ideal candidate to receive the funding to expand her business, charity, and her eco-friendly/conflict-free message.