Poster Girl for Romance, Emma Watson

by Alice Byrne

Emma Watson stars in this summery fashion editorial for the pre-fall issue of i-D Magazine. Shot by Mariano Vivanco, Emma is styled in girly outfits and accessories by Caroline Sieber. We often see Emma in editorials like this, outdoorsy, romantic soft lighting, girly fashion and slicked back hair, however, there is a reason for this. Emma looks amazing in this type of creative direction, she looks beautiful, and in a way, it is refreshing to see her not trying to be something that she is not.

Emma looks great with her hair slicked back like this, and her red lips give her a sense of classic beauty and timeless style. We love the soft photograph of Emma covering up one eye (in true i-D style), the clash of textures looks great with the soft focus, and the overall hair and make-up styling works perfectly together.

She looks gorgeous, and while the styling or aesthetic for the photographs are not unique or particularly innovative, it does not mean they are any less successful. Sure, sometimes seeing a completely off-the-wall, innovative can completely blow your mind for all the right reasons, but these soft, romantic, outdoorsy shoots have superb appeal and can be just as fantastic.