Quality Family Time, by Miles Aldridge

by Alice Byrne

We just love this fashion editorial for Vogue Italia, titled A Family Portrait. Photographer Miles Aldridge delivers his own interpretation of quality family time for the August issue of the iconic publication, which stars gorgeous model Bianca Balti as a long suffering mother figure to a beautiful little brunette girl who is running round after her wayward mother. Stylist Alice Gentilucci puts together a wardrobe of austere styles and looks from labels that include Louis Vuitton, Michael Kors and Prada.

Every photograph here looks perfect, the colorful surroundings are typical of Miles Aldridge’s photographic style, which goes perfectly with the family narrative. The relationship shown between the mother and daughter is a great basis for this editorial. We particularly love the photograph of the two of them marching through the balloons, and where the two of them are sitting with the telephone. With the roles reversed, the long suffering daughter is painting her mothers nails, lighting her cigarettes, driving her around and reading her a bedtime story. It is such a wonderfully rich and interesting fashion editorial. The narrative is strong and the whole aesthetic and colorful styling makes for one gorgeous fashion family.