Skin Ink by Diego Indraccolo

by Alice Byrne

We have just received the latest issue of Schön! Magazine, and it is full of imaginative and unique fashion editorials, in our opinion it is the best issue of the publication to date! In one such interesting approach to fashion photography, photographer Diego Indraccolo shoots model Sylwia Blaszczyk, with illustration by Pok U Chan. The images are really unusual, the illustrations almost make it look as if the Sylwia is transparent, which is a really interesting approach. The editorial is titled Skin Ink, and is an atmospheric and engaging series of portraits which is a great collaboration between photographer and illustrator, these photographs appear in the latest issue of Schön! Magazine.

The nudity in these images is a really great touch, and I feel it makes the illustrations much more powerful and interesting. The black and white photography looks incredible, and I think it is a great set of images by Diego Indraccolo. Art Direction by Kay Korsh. For more information visit and