Spy Game by Akin Abayomi

by Alice Byrne

Inspired by a fencing fight scene from Die Another Day, Akin Abayomi shoots and styles this dramatic and stylish photo shoot, which stars Theresa Claire McCrory. This fashion shoot is titled Spy Game, and is presented in black and white to enhance the suspense and sense of good and evil presented in each photograph through the styling and composition.

Akin Abavomi’s shoot merges the action of fencing with the sexual aesthetic and bold, seductive styling. The military cap and diamond encrusted mask look super-hot together, and combined with underwear, stockings and killer heels, Theresa looks every inch the seductive Bond villain. We particularly love the close-up photographs of Theresa, as these images leave a little more to the imagination and are a little more classic; the close-ups with the fencing mask have a real sense of imminent action. The fencing mask is a great touch to an otherwise fairly simple fashion photograph.

Source – fashionising.com.