Carola Remer Shines in Tom Ford

by Alice Byrne

Wonderful fashion photographer Camilla Akrans shoots the beautiful Carola Remer in this feature for Vogue Germany’s September issue, which shines the spotlight on the designs of the super-talented Tom Ford. These photographs are styled by Nicola Knels, who dresses Carola in sleek feminine silhouettes, animalistic prints and seductive lacy designs. Carola looks exceptionally alluring, with the photographs demonstrating the typical Tom Ford appeal – high contrast, glossy textures and head-to-toe glamor.

Carola poses with elegant white orchids, and with one big shiny red apple. We especially love the apple photograph, with the red, black and white all complimenting each other perfectly, and the combination of all the textures here, from the smoothness of the waxy apple to the intricate nature of the black delicate lace.