Vogue Taiwan Presents Ylonka Verheul

by Alice Byrne

I am really loving these captivating images from Vogue Taiwan. Ylonka Verheul is shot by photographer Ceen Wahren in this romantic and mesmerizing series of photographs, that show how interesting arty fashion photography can be. I nearly always prefer shoots like this, ones that are more than just a studio, a gorgeous model and some to-die-for clothes. Here, the fashion and the location mix together to create an inspiring series of images that are full of raw beauty and style.

Ylonka wears a mix of tailored pieces and floaty feminine designs upon the top of a misty, mysterious and very beautiful volcano. She is styled by Emma Thorstrand, and I think all the fashion selects work wonderfully with the colors and textures in the surrounding location. Ylonka’s body language here is amazing, she actually almost looks like she is in pain, but it looks good and it definitely works. It is nice to see something other than smiling or looking wistfully into the distance.