Amy Winehouse Tribute Album Rumored To Be Recorded

by Emmett Lindner

On July 23rd, 2011, the world lost Amy Winehouse, one of the most contemporary and influential soul singers of our generation. Never to be underestimated nor outshone, the singer will be remembered as the days creep on. The singer’s untimely death left the world shaken; one of the greatest influences to R&B music was tragically ripped away before her impact could be fully understood.

In a brave move, Winehouse’s goddaughter, Dionne Bromfield, has spoken of recording a tribute song to commemorate the deceased singer, perhaps even an entire album. Bromfield, who was vocally trained by Winehouse since the age of ten, could offer a unique look into the life and creativity of the late songstress, her one on one experiences allowing a more intimate perspective than perhaps any other artist could.

Whether or not Bromfield records the song, Winehouse will always be fondly remembered and looked back on as a milestone for the music world. The young Bromfield already has an album out, Good For the Soul, but look out for Bromfield’s newrelease; we’ll keep you updated.