“An Artist Should Not Have Self-Control About His Life”

by Daniel Haim

You will find that the cover story from Pop’s 25th issue is full of inspiring quotes. The story, “The Only Abramović” which was written by Rene Habermacher is so great.

“Marina Abramović is everywhere lately. She has emerged from what was considered an alternative section of contemporary art – Performance art – to finally occupy an untouchable position in the Pantheon of Pop.”

Rene asks Abramović: “If you compared today to the 70s which were all about liberation, we live now in a world after the triumph of capitalism where every other ideology has kind of capitulated… Marina replies, “Yeah, that’s absolutely something else. It’s all different. And now especially in America, I think that the democracy is so perverse here. It looks as though things are free but actually they’re not. It’s a freedom that is in many ways fake. So it is a complete other set of restrictions.”

Do make sure to stop by the local magazine shop and pick yourself an issue. You can literally feel the passion of work that has been put towards this magazine and it’s editorial. Inspiring.

Here are some quotes from the cover story:

“An artist should suffer” – Marina Abramovic – An artist’s life manifesto.
“An Artist Should Not Have Self-Control About His Life”
“An Artist Should Have Total Self-Control About His Work”
“An Artist Should Not Repeat Himself”
“An Artist Should Avoid Falling Inlove With Another Artist”
“Enemies Are Very Important”
“An Artist Has To Learn To Forgive”
“An Artist Should Not Make Himself Into An Idol”