Constance Jablonski Plays with her Food

by Alice Byrne

These portraits are a little bit more than your everyday studio shoot. Here, Constance Jablonski is shot by photographer Henrique Gendre for Vogue Brazil’s August issue. Constance is playing the part of an extreme foodie, who loves a bit of fine food and a bit of fine jewelry. Styled by Luis Fiod in bright fashion, vibrant gems and exquisite looking food, Constance looks energetic and full of life in these spontaneous style portraits.

Constance looks fantastic here, her eyes are amazing and you can practically feel yourself getting lost in them. We especially love the photograph with the red wine mid spillage, and the image with the two macaroons. Every image here is brilliant and Constance is the perfect choice for a shoot with creative direction like this, as she brings so much energy and natural style to each photograph.