Givenchy Spring 2012 – Beauty Report

Ricardo Tisci indulges in his romantic side with his Spring 2011 collection, narrating a love story between a mermaid and a surfer through texture and soft colors in his collection. He gives life to a dream of radiant sirens, the rebels of the underwater world, full of sensuality with a languid allure. Tousled waves gave life to sun kissed locks, flowing behind each girl like the fluidity of water.

Glowing faces were clean, dewy and fresh. Cheeks were lightly bronzed, as if only slightly brushed by the rays of the sun. The only ornamentation to the eyes were two silver sequins, one for each eye, cut in half centered on the top and bottom lid like tiny sparkling moons. These sea creatures luxuriate an ease of energy, a sort of aquatic purity transporting the audience to a lyrical liftoff.