Innovative Style from LoveCat #2

by Alice Byrne

Although it is only on its second issue, LoveCat Magazine is already proving that it can take a unique and innovative approach to creative styling and editorial content. Some images from the anticipated second issue have been released, and they do not disappoint. Firstly, there is the Lindsay Lohan cover, captioned Don’t Hate Me Because I’m Beautiful. We feel this is a really great cover image, we love the black and white image with the bright yellow text, and the photograph of Lindsay itself is gorgeous. Shot by Richard Phillips, this intimate black and white portrait is touching and fits perfectly on the cover of the Fashion & Film issue of the new publication.

As well as this striking cover image, we also have come across this vibrant and colorful fashion editorial from the second issue. This editorial story, staring the gorgeous Andrej Pecjic is titled Marilyn Off Duty, and is shot by Jacob Dekat and Prince Chenoa. As the title suggests, these photographs document a take on the glamorous and fashionable life of a Hollywood star. Styled by Patricia Field, Andrej looks edgy and full of life in bright fashion selects and eye catching pieces. We feel Andrej is cast perfectly for this editorial story, each photograph has a really strong narrative, and she carries this perfectly.