Jared Evan Presents “unCOVERED”

Jared Evan and executive producer Rik Cordero present “unCOVERED,” a web series portraying Evan’s interpretations of classic cover songs.

This Fall will be the start of a new web series called “unCOVERED” by Jared Evan and executive producer Rik Cordero. The web series was created by Jared Evan to exhibit his own interpretations of classic cover songs. In the first video, Evan performs his own rendition of “Hurt,” the Nine Inch Nails track that went on to be covered by music legends such as Johnny Cash. Evan explains his inspiration for creating the series: “My goal is basically to have people understand what I represent, and that’s music – all music, no matter what genre…I represent feeling.”

Executive producer Rik Coredero describes “unCOVERED” as “Not necessarily a music video…but more like a continuous visual interpretation of what [Evan’s] covers are.”

The teaser video goes from joyous to confusing to shocking – Evan is first seen sharing a picnic with Samantha Jaden on a beautiful summer day. The grass glows under the sun, and the two are locked in each other’s loving arms. As night casts its shadows, however, we see a pained Evan carrying a limp body to a bathtub, where it becomes apparent that Evan is drenched in blood, and Jaden is nowhere to be seen. The video ends here, and as soon as I watched it fade to black I already couldn’t wait for the full video to be released.

Samantha Jaden is featured as Evan’s love interest and possible victim. Jaden is a true talent and dear friend to us here at Bloginity. It’s wonderful to see her alongside such a unique artist, and we are so proud to see Evan coming into his own and making it as far as he has in such a short time. Stay with Bloginity for updates on “Hurt” and the rest of the “unCOVERED” series.