Kanye West Announces Release Date (And Time) For His New Fashion Line

Kanye West has announced the release date for his new fashion line during the Paris Fashion Week.

For those who were disappointed when they found out Kanye West’s fashion line wouldn’t debut during New York Fashion Week, I am happy to report that your angst doesn’t have to last. The musician, icon and entrepreneur will be releasing his S/S 2012 collection strictly for women at 9:30 p.m. on October 21st, according to HarpersBazaar.com. The release will be held during the Paris Fashion Week, and there are several things going for him that provide us with faith in his design capabilities.

Based off of his previous outfits, the line is sure to be provocative, yet somehow hypnotizing. Maybe it’s just the flashing lights on his jackets or the bright coloring that catches my eye, but I’m sure Kanye’s recent internship with designer Fendi will be enough to ensure at least a bit of style.

Not only is he interning with famous designers, the ‘Watch the Throne’ half is engaged to one. West recently explained to Harpersbazaar.com that his fiancée Alexis Phifer has much to do with his unique style.

All this brings promise that the S/S collection will be sure to turn heads on October 24th.