Presenting the new Ben Trovato Blog

Ben Trovato Blog has grown from being a hidden pearl in the ocean of visual inspiration, to a well respected online fashion publication.

The New Ben Trovato Blog

Ben Trovato Blog has grown from being a hidden pearl in the ocean of visual inspiration, to a well respected online fashion publication. More importantly, Ben Trovato prides itself in having good relations with all photographers featured, giving them a stage to perform, in front of an international audience.

This transition needs to be recognized and respected in order for us to make sure the work created by our amazing contributors get presented in the best possible way. And this is why an update of Ben Trovato Blog was inevitable.

As BT was created to showcase and promote the works of the next generation of artists visualizing and presenting fashion, the artwork and the minds behind it is truly the core of what we want to communicate. And it is also basically what people come to Ben Trovato for.

With that in mind, we changed things up a bit to optimize the experience for both the creatives and our readers. Here’s a list of the most vital changes at Ben Trovato:

The Gallery

The Gallery at Ben Trovato

We felt the old layout of the site didn’t give the artwork the attention and stage it deserved. Restricted to a tight blog layout, the horizontal images often looked less impressive than they would if you could see them how they are supposed to be viewed. So we basically built a a new gallery to do just that: present the images how they are supposed to be enjoyed.

The galley also includes the fashion credits for each spread, and a list of thumbnails to help you get an overview. You can easily navigate through each piece by clicking right or left on the images.

The Articles

The old posts on BT often felt a bit heavy and long, mainly because the design of the site wasn’t made to have a lot of text. As our articles have gradually gotten more in-depth, and the amount of words have exceeded what was optimal, we saw the need of giving the article more space. The typography is changed, and line height is increased to enhance the readability. We have also added the ability to highlight certain quotes to make the reading experience more pleasurable.

The change will also make room for more versatile writing. We can drag pictures into the text and add images with captions. All this is done to make sure we’ll present both the visual and the intellectual aspects with equal respect.

The first page

The change most people might notice at first is how the posts are listed on the front page. Instead of giving you the full article upfront as the old BT did, we’ve now decided to let the artwork take center stage.

The icon in the right corner of each post entry indicates whether the post includes an image gallery, a video, or both, or if the post is simply a news article.

The New Logo

Presenting the New Ben Trovato Blog

The logo was developed in collaboration with Argentinian designer and art director Pablo Scaglione. It has inherited some of the features from its predecessor, and communicates exactly what Ben Trovato is, and the position we’re intending to keep in the future. The ‘T‘ is shaped like a dagger, visualizing the words of the Italian expression ‘Ben Trovato‘, meaning ‘well found‘. The dagger is dynamic and shows with sharpness what treasures we find, claim, and present.

Other details

All of the enhancements mentioned above are presented in a brand new visual profile. Rather than throwing away what we had and start from scratch, the new identity is merely an evolution of what we already had.

We feel that the changes open up a treasure chest of opportunities for us, with which we can help Ben Trovato grow and maintain its position as the best source  in the world for up and coming artists visualizing fashion. The new layout also allows for much richer content, meaning that all the aspects of the industry will also be given the attention they deserve.

In other words, with the new Ben Trovato, the opportunities for us to grow, for artisans to get discovered, and for you to get inspired, are endless.