Review: Evenings’ ‘Babe’

Evenings is a one man recording artist, consisting of Nathan Broaddus from Charlottesville, VA. His single, ‘Babe,’ is the perfect way to sit down and separate yourself from a long day at the office, a dragging school lesson or whatever has been causing chaos in your life recently. The subtle, repetitive beats on the track sooth your conscious into a dream-like state, where the troubles of the world are less dramatic and easier to handle.

The sounds combine to create the idea that torrential rain is pounding against your window outside, yet you are sitting in your favorite chair with the warm glow of a fire over your face, watching the gloom from afar. ‘Babe’ is a great track, possessing the rare ability to put the listener in another, more peaceful environment. We’ll keep you updated on more tracks by this ambient/experimental artist.