Rick Genest’s Face for Schön! Magazine

by Daniel Haim

A jewel of a magazine, Schön! Magazine (http://schonmagazine.com/) continues to impress in Issue 14, featuring two spectacular models, Rick “Zombie Boy” Genest in “Undercover,” and the stunning Andrej Pejic in a simple, elegant editorial titled “Allure,” shot by Christos Karantzolas.

Stylist Kyle Anderson takes full advantage of Andrej’s body, putting him in black suit trousers and blazers, accessorizing with bags and jewelry from Chanel and Tiffany & Co., and in a particularly remarkable shot, a red blazer by Louis Vuitton. The effect is a very strong, classy one.

Andrej takes the full spotlight with his long, flowing, blonde hair and striking blue eyes. This combined with the simplicity of the photos, the tasteful clothing and the powerful presence of the model lends a very sophisticated tone to the editorial on the whole.

Rick Genest also features in this issue, shot by Matthew Lyn and styled by Kay Korsh. She creates contrast with his tattoos, putting plaid and striped patterns on his skin. In a few especially interesting shots, Rick shows parts of his face unpainted, immediately drawing the viewer’s attention to his model-esque features.

His striking, full-body tattoos are incredibly captivating, but don’t detract from the fact that underneath all that ink, he is an amazing model. His dynamic movements also add life to his photos and make his editorial quite mesmerizing.

Rick and Andrej both have total and complete control of the viewer’s attention and clearly know how to create beautiful, vibrant photographs. In both series of photos, each shot is as brilliant and visually arresting as the next. These are only two of many beautiful and artful editorials in Issue 14 of Schön! Magazine, which should be a must-read on anybody’s list.

DO make sure to pick the latest issue of Schön!.