Rihanna Announces New Single Off Sixth Album As More Information Is Released

Although singer Rihanna has been keeping quiet about details of her upcoming sixth studio album, bits of information are being divulged as the release date approaches.

After five studio albums and appearances all over the Billboard charts and magazine covers, singer Rihanna has built quite a resume. Despite battles with her ex and about as much gossip as any one person can handle, the “Umbrella” girl has managed to establish herself as a leading diva in the pop world.  Her ability to connect with the masses is commendable, and her hot streak is sure to keep blazing with the arrival of her sixth studio album.

A recent tweet by the pop star vaguely describes the album as “GangstaR,” which I can only envision as some sort of pop-gangster anthem. This insight really doesn’t say much, but one of her producers gives us a better idea (sort of) of what the album will sound like. Verse Simmonds, one half of the production duo the Jugganauts, told MTV’s Mixtape Daily on Friday that “From what I understand, she is closing the album up now, and we did two records for her that she really, really loved.”

The Jugganauts have worked with Rihanna on such tracks as “Man Down,” so I would think it safe to assume that the album, named ‘Louder‘ for the time being, will have at least a bit of the same flavor – at the very least it provides an educated guess. According to All Access, her first single will be released on October 11, titled “We Found Love,” in anticipation of a Fall release for the sixth album.