Spanish Fashion from Diego Diaz Marin

Diego Diaz Marin is a Spanish fashion photographer, who we have featured on Bloginity in the past. Here we have is latest shoot, titled All Over The Reeds, which stars Spanish model Javier Olmeda. This series of photographs appear almost like a vintage film, which we feel works really will with the colors and composition of each image. The colors in these photographs are truly amazing, and we feel this really makes this shoot stand out. In particular we love the deep blues and super-vibrant greens.

This fashion editorial is very sexy, and is inspired by Spanish style. It is hard to choose several images to highlight, as they are all very appealing and intriguing in their own ways. We love the mix of color and black and white photography, with both styles working as well as each other. To choose stand out photographs is difficult, but in particular we love the black and white photograph with Javier smoking in front of the reeds, and the image where he is posing alongside the paddling pool.

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