The Tanning Effect

Former music executive Steve Stoute, producer of albums such as “The Slim Shady LP,” starts his new video series to coincide with his new book. In the series he interviews artists such as Jay-Z, Pharrell Williams and Lady Gaga.

Former music executive Steve Stoute presents The Tanning Effect video series to go along with his new book, “The Tanning of America: How the Culture of Hip-Hop Rewrote the Rules of the New Economy.” Before becoming an author, Stoute worked at Interscope Geffen A&M Records, where he produced such influential works as Eminem’s debut album, “The Slim Shady LP.” Before Interscope, he worked at Sony Music Entertainment, where he played an instrumental role developing the careers of artists such as Will Smith, Mariah Carey and Nas.

In the video series he interviews music icons Jay-Z, Pharrell Williams, Johnny Iovine and Lady Gaga, discussing how their careers have influenced the way a generation of listeners think and act to create a new global marketplace. In one interview Stoute and Pharrell discuss how Louis Vuitton’s eyewear collection was only made possible by the hip-hop culture. “Louis Vuitton did not have eyewear before, and the inspiration came from the Notorious B.I.G. to make glasses,” states Stoute at one point, to which Pharrell agrees emphatically. He goes on to discuss the creation of Beats by Dre with Johnny Iovine, Don Perignon with Jay-Z, and the implications of fandom with Lady Gaga.

The video series offers an interesting perspective on the way our economy is molded, and how the most seemingly unrelated ideas influence it. To get a closer look at the series, check it out on, and look out for Stoute’s book, in stores now.