‘100 Days of Active Resistance Book’ by Vivienne Westwood

by Daniel Haim

Jeff Luker, 'Roman Candles'

“The principal idea of Active Resistance is that you get out of life what you put in and that real experience of the world involves thinking”

Active Resistance is a concept born from Vivienne Westwood’s manifesto Active Resistance to Propaganda. The manifesto encourages the pursuit of culture and of art to provide an antidote to propaganda.

Book Cover Rakibul Hasan, 'Untitled'

“It is not enough to follow world politics, see films and read the prize winning best seller. This is superficial, you need to go deep in order to understand who you are, what the world is and how things could be better. This involves culture which can only be acquired by self-education.”Vivienne Westwood

In 2010 Vivienne Westwood Anglomania, in collaboration with Lee Jeans, launched the 100 Days of Active Resistance online installation. Focusing on the concept of Active Resistance, this was a call to action to today’s youth to encourage communication and individuality. Every day for 100 days, one image representing the idea of Active Resistance was selected from worldwide submissions and shared online. The result can be seen in this epic photography book which displays 100 images and follows the journey of 100 days of positive thought, active change, speaking up and being heard.

The book priced at $40 is available now in Vivienne Westwood stores in the UK, online at www.viviennewestwood.co.uk, and in a selected number of book sellers world wide. It is published by Damiani, who are accredited with the Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) which ensures materials are sourced involving the best interests of the rainforest and environment.

All proceeds from the book sales will be donated to Cool Earth, the charity dedicated to saving the rainforest and stopping Climate change. www.coolearth.org.

These 100 ideas are more than just images they inspire thought and give hope to the possibility of collective change. “No art, no true progress.” – Vivienne Westwood. www.activeresistance.co.uk.