Ana Locking “Under Beauty” SS2012 Runway

“The shadows that live under beauty enable the light to shine more brightly”

We seek balance and the essence of beauty, but nowadays, these balances cannot be found and, for some time now, there is more interest in researching the reality of a meaningless, chaotic, fragmentary world which is maintained thanks to the need for idealized beauty.

“Under Beauty” is a collection with a soft beginning which increases little by little until something explodes, revealing that which lies beyond the “beautiful”; a universe invaded by small beings that feed on idyllic flowers and it is at this point when the prints being to co-exist with each other in an ongoing combination until the insects devour and break up the flowers and they become lost in the
nothingness of a vacuum.

This play on appearances is also conveyed through strict patterns and sober, all-encompassing volumes. High-quality tailoring is present throughout the entire collection and, as occurs with the prints, hidden, unexpected details gradually appear, such as false lapels and elements that break the “perfection” creating subtle asymmetries.

Straight, oval silhouettes come in and out of the whole collection and combine with it easily. Capes as enveloping elements in bodies and skirts. Open and transparent backs. Skirts and trousers that wrap around the body creating false pleats and overlays.

A special reinterpretation of the idyllic Liberty print affords another dimension to the colour block, giving it great strength and fresh vision.

The aim of the search for beauty may not be to flatter the senses but to reflect on extreme situations. There is always a point beyond the beautiful and the sublime, and that point is where the spectator witnesses first-hand the demystification of the beautiful, a reinterpretation of a new order that seeks the complicity of irony and tragedy. And it is precisely that which injects new energy so that the tiresomeness of the most classical concepts of beauty can be left behind.