Bobbi Brown’s New 20th Anniversary Lip Palette

by Julia Dalton

Bobbi Brown has come out with a phenomenal 20th anniversary twenty color lip palette. For those who don’t know, Bobbi Brown started her collection because she was not happy with the lip colors that were offered.

Bobbi, who is known for her love of women looking beautiful naturally, started her line with only ten colors. All ten were brown based which she thought were the most complimentary to a woman’s natural skin tone. And, apparently, she was right, because before she knew it she was selling her lipsticks faster than she ever dreamed and her collection was born. A great little fact: Bobbi Brown started by selling in Bergdorf Goodman‘s (after initially selling out of her home) and prayed that she would sell at least 100 lipsticks within her first month. Well, she sold that many in just a day!

And, to celebrate that amazing start her new palette has her initial ten shades and ten new beautiful, colorful shades.

Make sure you jump on this palette because it isn’t often you get to revisit the best.