Breil Launches new collection: The Glass Watch

by Daniel Haim

Breil's The Glass Watch Collection

A few months ago, I believe right before the Alexander McQueen gala at the Metropolitan Museum I had the pleasure of joining The Geneva Group in New York City for an exclusive presentation of Breil’s new cool collection: The Glass Watch.

Breil, an international watch and jewelry brand designed in Italy and known for capturing the essence of trend-setting consumers through bold shapes, modern lines, and innovative design since 1942, now introduces the Glass Watch Collection. A standout in the collection is an automatic timepiece with a mulit-layered skeleton dial set in a case of glass.

The Glass Watch collection features a well-balanced mix of materials, combined to enhance the brand’s signature style. The look of the watch is polished and clean while it reveals an advanced construction, orchestrated through its Italian design heritage. Through multilayered materials, a steel shell embraces the glass case offering a unique ‘behind the scenes’ history of its construction.

Breil continues its tradition of high-quality craftsmanship at affordable price points by positioning this chronographs at $425. The watch also boasts a grid with indexes and numbers as well as superluminova hands.