Eniko Mihalik by Terry Richardson

Why not embrace the onset of the cold winter months? Harpers Bazaar surely have with this stunning November 2011 shoot by Terry Richardson. Known for his more ‘casual’ approach to photography, this piece shows that Richardson can play with the big boys when he wants to.

With an extraordinary winter wonderland as the backdrop for Eniko Mihalik to parade the sumptuous styling of Julia von Boehm, the animal props add an extra element to paint a picture of a mystical icy paradise. The irony of showcasing fur with live animals is not lost on me, however this is not a political discussion and one of pure aesthetics.

Eyebrows took a backseat, as Make-Up Artist Frank B lined eyes heavily with kohl and softened with shadow to create a piercing gaze. Lips were a dense, matte brick red, perfectly shaped. Duffy styled hair from gorgeous curls to a classic voluminous wave with pristine technique.