Illamasqua launches debut perfume ‘Freak’

It was worth braving a cold, dark London night to attend the preview of Illamasqua’s debut fragrance FREAK.

With ingredients such as Datura, Poison Hemlock and the unique Queen Of The Night, a flower that only blooms once a year and only under cover of darkness, this was not destined to be your ordinary perfume.

This “daringly provocative concoction with its warm, soft floral scent touched with sweetness” has depth to it without being overpowering and seemed sophisticated without being ‘old’. This is fragrance with a wide appeal.

The event itself at the flagship Beak Street store was the usual dark wonderland that is Illamasqua. Beautifully presented and made-up boys and girls greeted guests at the door with a glass of deep purple-colored champagne and offered a range of services including mini-makeovers and a nail bar. I made sure I attended perfume-less so I could try it on myself and was actually complimented on my fragrance on my journey home. So this year instead of looking at the cold, dark winter months ahead with trepidation I’m going to wrap up warm, step into the night and ‘get my freak on!’

Click here to watch interviews with Joseph Corré and Alex Box to learn more about the fragrance or to purchase.