Captivating Aram Bedrossian also a rising Photographer.

Photographer Aram Bedrossian creates unique and engaging images that capture authentic moments of everyday life. Interviewed by Daniel Haim, Aram talks magazines, shoot preparations and his unique photographic style.

Self Portrait, Aram Bedrossian. Photo Courtesy of Photographer.

Photographer Aram Bedrossian creates unique and engaging images that capture authentic moments of everyday life. Having worked for the likes of V Magazine and LoveCat, the photographs captured by Bedrossian are interesting, extremely versatile and full of experimental art direction. Interviewed here by Daniel Haim, Aram Bedrossian talks magazines, shoot preparations and photographic style.

The images below are exceptionally captivating. The black and white portraits, the narrative and the overall composition. All the images pictured here feature a fantastic use of color, and we feel the energy and imagination that shines through each image is what makes Bedrossian’s photography so compelling.

Daniel: Where do we start Aram? Tell us about yourself and where did all of this begin.

Aram: I always knew I’d work in the arts, but I never ever dreamed of becoming a photographer. My first love was painting and sculpting, which I avidly delved into as a young five year old. I would sculpt intricate clay centerpieces that I would display at family parties and paint portraits of famous Armenian war heroes alongside my uncle. My passion then transitioned into creating music around the age of 12, and within a few years I decided that a career in music production was the only thing I wanted to do with my life.

At 20 I landed an internship with a music studio in Los Angeles. While in LA, I met music video director Taj Stansberry (director of Rihanna’s “Please Don’t Stop the Music” and J-Lo’s “On The Floor”) and worked alongside him as a sound engineer for a documentary he was directing of hip hop artist Fabolous. The more I worked with Taj, the harder I fell for film-making and photography and I eventually bought myself a camera. The rest is history.

Daniel: How do you prep for a shoot?

Aram: First, I sit. I’ll lie there in my dimly lit loft and surrender my mind to its wild imagination… I think. Once one of my newly inspired concepts captivates me, I start planning and organizing my team (stylist, hairstylist, makeup, etc). Everything falls into place from there.

Daniel: Even though every shoot is completely different. What is one main idea you try to communicate through your photography?

Aram: I want each photograph to tell an ambiguous story, allowing the imaginations of its viewers to fill in the details. I want people to connect to the muses in my photographs and feel as if they know that person. Above all else however, all I’ve ever wanted my photography to “do” is to make people feel something real.

Daniel: What is your favorite thing about photography?

Aram: My favorite thing about photography is its ability to freeze single moments in time.

Daniel: What has been the most difficult part of breaking through the clutter of your industry?

Aram: The beginning of the journey proves most difficult. In the beginning of one’s career in the fashion industry, regardless of position (photographer, stylist, designer, etc), most people will not know anyone, will not have had an opportunity to prove their talents and will most likely be overlooked as a result of both. Although daunting at first, this industry embraces newcomers, but only those that want it bad enough. You need to outperform everyone and never just satisfy; you must embrace the idea that the last thing you worked on means nothing and that the next will be better.

You must prove persistent, talented, and above all, hard-working in order to earn that one chance that will change everything; once you do, you have to deliver. Remain humble and continue to deliver, and soon enough the once “cluttered industry” will all make sense.

‘Bare’ – Nicole Trunfio, Video by Aram Bedrossian

Daniel: How did you get into this business?

Aram: Last summer I quit my job as videographer and director for Hip Hop artist and producer Ryan Leslie and had no idea what my next venture would be. At first, I wrestled between jumping back into music production or moving back to LA to work under my mentor Taj as a music video director. I ultimately decided to take a crack at fashion photography and shot my first fashion story in August 2010. I never looked back.

Daniel: What has been the most rewarding?

Aram: Making my parents proud.

Daniel: Could you share with us your favorite quote?

Aram: Think different.

Daniel: Who or what do you think is iconic?

Aram: Most people are replaceable; it’s those who aren’t that are iconic.

Nicole Trunfio by Aram Bedrossian

Daniel: If you could work with any brand, on any campaign – what would be your dream photo shoot?

Aram: Prada Spring/Summer, Balenciaga Fall/Winter or Givenchy Couture by Riccardo Tisci. Any of those would be incredible.

Daniel: So who’s Aram’s “Power Circle”?

Aram: I don’t kiss and tell.

Daniel: Who is your ideal model to work with?

Aram: Daria Werbowy.

Daniel: The best advice I was given was…

Aram: There are only two types of people in this world: talkers and doers. Be a doer.

Daniel: What are your top 5 favorite websites for fashion or photography?

Aram: Fashion Gone Rogue, The ManRepeller,, BenTrovato & Bloginity of course.

Daniel: Which magazines do you love the most?

Aram: LOVE, iD, Italian Vogue, French Vogue.

Daniel: What do you think the print industry will look like in the next 5 years?

Aram: I can see why some believe that print will vanish in lieu of iPads and the like, but I am a firm believer that tangible print (magazines, books, newspapers, etc.) will exist forever.

Although iPads and Kindles are super dope, there’s nothing quite like flipping through a crisp issue of your favorite magazine.

Daniel: If you could choose any three things to get for free what would you choose?

Aram: Nothing material. I’d travel…eat. Travel and eat.

Daniel: Where would you like to be right now?

Aram: Floating along the coast of France with the woman of my dreams.