Imagine There’s No Hunger – Yoko Ono’s Installment of John Lennons Drawings & Prints

by Joann Jovinelly

In the first event of her 2011 global campaign against hunger, Yoko Ono once again joins forces with her late husband John Lennon to celebrate what would have been the musician’s 71st birthday, October 9.

In Gimme Some Truth, the limited four-day exhibit that opened on Columbus Day weekend, more than 100 lithographs, serigraphs, and etchings—some never before seen—were on view on the ground floor of 76 Wooster Street in SoHo. The work consisted primarily of line drawings, including those made famous in 1969 during John and Yoko’s famous “Bed-Ins for Peace” to end the Vietnam War. That series was made by Lennon both as a celebration of his honeymoon in Montreal and Amsterdam as well as his and Yoko’s desire to use the media’s interest in their marriage to promote pacifism. Also on view were rare Bag One lithographs hand-signed by Lennon in 1970, which were a wedding present to Yoko.

A collection of colorful line drawings Lennon made for his son, Sean, was also displayed. Those were completed later, during the late 1970s when the musician went into seclusion in New York City while raising his son. Proceeds from the sale of Lennon’s works will help benefit

Ono is asking people to “take a moment to imagine a nourished and abundant world where [people] live as one” this November 1 as part of the “Imagine There’s No Hunger” Campaign, which is also the fortieth anniversary of Lennon’s song, Imagine. To mark the occasion and to raise funds for the campaign, a limited-edition bracelet will be sold. For more information go to, or send direct donations by texting the word “Imagine” to 50555.