Rick “Rico” Genest aka Zombie Boy Covers Up to Bare It All

Ever wondered what Rick Genest aka “Zombie Boy” looks like under those tattoos? Well now we know thanks to the new Dermablend campaign videos.

Rick "Rico" Genest without Tattoos

Ever wondered what Rick Genest aka “Zombie Boy” looks like under those tattoos? Well now we know, thanks to the new Dermablend campaign videos.

Dermablend has long been known as the brand used to cover scarring, tattoos and birthmarks and was looking for some extreme challenges for their product. Enter Rick “Rico” Genest, aka “Zombie Boy”, heavily tattooed familiar face and recent pin-up of the international fashion scene. With full face, head and chest tattoos he is (need we say it) hard to miss.

Recently, Daniel Haim and myself were discussing the beautiful Schon Magazine editorial featuring Rick Genest, and how they had covered parts of his tattoos ‘reinventing’ his look. It is an interesting dichotomy that models are usually used as a ‘blank canvas’ and make-up is used to add shape, texture, colour and compliment the clothing and tenor of the shoot or show. With the exception of supermodels, most are required to change like chameleons depending on their environment.Genest’s tattooed body is what attracted the fashion industry to him but slowly they are making-him-up to do just the opposite. Lady Gaga recently commented that she’s constantly asked to go au naturel for magazine shoots – to shock a public who has become accustomed to the eccentric dress and make-up of the star.

So, where do we go from here? As long as there are beautiful, original creatures like Rick Genst in existence, whose motivation is not fame or fortune but self expression, then I think we’re safe.