Rihanna Teaser Video Released Of New Armani Line

Rihanna, the new face of Armani underwear, is featured in a new teaser video promoting the autumn-winter 2012 collection.

With new photos released of a scantily clad Rihanna campaigning for the autumn-winter 2012 Emporio Armani underwear collection, is it odd that the first thing I noticed was that she went blonde for the shoot? My attention was distracted for only a moment, as these photos are quite eye-catching and downright sexy. Along with the photos – released last week portraying the pop diva as the new face of the underwear line – a video was just made public to attract attention to the collection, which it does flawlessly.

The twelve-second snippet is only a teaser of the full video to be released on Armani.com October 6th, and features a noir feel that revolves around Rihanna stripping down to practically nothing, singing “I’ve got a secret that I want to show you” with siren like seduction. Check out the teaser, and watch for the full video, released October 6th.