Vogue Italia’s “Vogue Encyclo” by Franca Sozzani

by Keesean Moore

Paul Newman, Joanne Woodman, Paris Blues 1961

If ever you felt the need to pan through three decades of photographs of Marlene Deitrich’s iconic style, or grab a glimpse at Steven Klein’s seductively disturbing fashion photography career, Vogue Italia’s Vogue Encyclo has made it all and more available at your fingertips. Building on the foundation laid down by the creators of Wikipedia, the honchos at Vogue Italia have launched a community-based information hub for fashionably curious individuals around the world.

Unlike American Vogue’s “Voguepedia,” information on Vogue Encyclo is primarily pulled from fashion fanatics like you. Anyone now can contribute articles and images to Encyclo and receive a byline that can potentially be used as a clip in a resume. Similar to Wikipedia, all potential articles will be refined and approved by a team of editors before publication.

The Features of Vogue.it ‘Encyclo’

“We will try not to alter your pieces, but some will have to be modified and you have to accept that and not feel judged, just guided by someone who has more experience,” Franca Sozzani, editor and chief of Vogue Italia, explains to potential contributors.

“Encyclo” seeks to cover everything from trend and fabric archives to an already impressively vast assortment of celebrities, celebrity photographers, and designer biographies. The tech-savvy editor understands that the project is a work-in-progress, but she’s prepared to move forward with the undeniably innovative idea.

“I’m ready for controversy and complaints,” said Sozzani. “But keep in mind that nothing is accomplished in a day… but in a few months, yes!”

To check out the newly launched database click here.

Some of our favorites..
Cyd Charisse, Gene Kelly,

Cyd Charisse, Gene Kelly, Cantando Sotto la Pioggia, 1952

Loretta Young, Franchot Tone,

Loretta Young & Franchot Tone, Midnight Mary, 1933

Dustin Hoffman, Anne Bancroft

Dustin Hoffman & Anne Bancroft, Il Laureato, 1967