Interview with Bella Freud and Martina Amati

by Iain Alexander

BAFTA award winning filmmaker Martina Amati and London fashion designer Bella Freud recently teamed up to create a short film to showcase a new collection. Their collaboration on ‘Submission’ brought the artistic elements of costume design and narrative storytelling together based on the philosophy of Brazilian Jiu Jitsu: One must use the opponent’s energy to vanquish their enemy. The short film features costumes designed by Freud with actors and fighters from the Roger Gracie Academy.

This collaboration shows a new style blending fashion and film together to create a different emotional experience for audiences. The concept of the body is also explored visually in this film, which accentuates the idea of clothing as a character or form of expression. This kind of creativity is just the kind of innovation designers should look for to launch their collections as short films can connect more deeply with online audiences.

I asked Bella what was the message she wanted to give in ‘Submission‘ and how the experience turned out for both of them Bella told me “We had a story originally but our shoot was too short to tell it, so it became more abstract. The message is sort of you can use your opponent’s strength to vanquish them (this is the principle of Jiu jitsu). I find it a good way of dealing with life. Sort of Zen mixed with Judge Dredd.”

You can read the rest of the interview right here.