Bloginity on Pulse App

Bloginity is now a featured App in under the Fashion Category of Pulse App.

Pulse is a stunning application that makes browsing news and social networks easier and a lot more fun by taking your favorite and most-visited websites and transforming them into an interactive, easy to read mosaic.

Bloginity’s feature in the Pulse app enables readers to quickly sort through the amazing and exciting new articles, profiles and interviews on

“We have worked very hard to get this feature on Pulse. For months we’ve been discussing the opportunity and it’s finally happening. Pulse is one of my favorite Applications to browse. I have it installed on my iPad, iPod, iPhone and I spend close to 3 hours on it a day. It is such a great achievement for Bloginity to be included in its roster.” – Daniel Haim, Editor in Chief and Founder of

“I remember the first day Pulse was available for download in the app store. I got it on a whim, but haven’t looked back since. For everything from entertainment to fashion to politics, Pulse has become my go to app for breaking news. It’s a real thrill to be included as a source for such an amazing application, and we at Bloginity are tremendously grateful for the opportunity.” – Nancy Cristina, Head Editor of

We are in good company alongside sites like Fashionista and The Cut. Syndicating to SnapTu and Pulse via Mobile, our readers can now find and read more content on the go! So if you have an iPod, iPhone, iPad or Android, and you haven’t already gotten Pulse, get downloading!

Click here to download Pulse for free.