Carita Progressif – Anti-wrinkle Solution Cream

by Katherine Gould

Being on the (ahem) upper side of thirty I am always very particular about my skin care… and trust me, I’ve road-tested a big chunk of the luxury market over the years.

So in my quest for perfection I have truly found a kindred spirit in Carita Progressif – Anti-wrinkle Solution Cream. The Progressif line was created as an alternative for those shying away from Plastic Surgery and Botox, recently adding a Line Filler, Eye Cream and Eye Contour Patch to their range.

Rich enough to hydrate my tired city skin, but light enough to wear under foundation; it’s been years since my face felt this plump or the texture more refined. Soft pink in color, light scent, luxury packaging and a formula that glides on like silk, what more could a girl want? For an extra kick I add a little serum at night before applying. In fact I adore it so much I have used it on clients in my freelance work (who loved it by the way) and then decided I would save it all for myself. As the jar gets lower I’m sure I will be found clutching it hissing ‘PRECIOUS’ unless, of course, someone wants to shower me with more Cartia for Christmas… hmmm?

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