Girls of the Night – Treats! Magazine

The second issue of the daring and sensual Treats! Magazine brings a sexually charged and dynamic fashion editorial which is shot by Steve Lyon, titled Filles de Nuit.

Treats! Magazine is exactly what the name would suggest, it is a treat to the eyes, the mind and the senses. Making no qualms about what it is representing, the editorials and content is often overly sexual and erotic, making titling the publication Treats! highly appropriate.

The highly-anticipated second issue of this daring publication has been released, and this fashion editorial shot by photographer Steve Lyon certainly does nothing to discourage the erotic reputation of this unique magazine. A wonderful collision of fashion and nudity, this vintage-style editorial is striking in its daring nature and sexually charged in its creative direction.

The combination of black and white and colour photography is highly sensual. Steve Lyon’s use of shadow really gives a cinematic feel to the entire collection of photographs and there is a dramatic aesthetic to every frame. The shoot stars Judith Bedard, Kamila Wawrzyniak. Zhanna Haven and Roza acting as a chorus girl line-up, and is titled Filles de Nuit. This title adds to the sexually charged content and visual style of the entire editorial and works perfectly with the creative direction.