Incase Introduces New Series of Andy Warhol Designs for iPhone 4S

by Daniel Haim

Incase and The Andy Warhol Foundation have released a new series of designs for the holiday season. Available exclusively for iPhone 4S and iPhone 4, the new Incase for Andy Warhol Snap Case designs showcase five distinct pieces from the artist’s body of silk screening work.

The 1964 Self Portrait featured in this series was the artist’s second, and utilizes a picture taken in a photo booth as the basis for his signature silkscreen technique. Warhol’s face and persona remain as recognizable today as his work, a rare achievement for even the most famous artists.

A United Press photograph of Easter Sunday goers in Vatican City serves as the foundation for Warhol’s 1963 Crowd silkscreen. What appears to be an imperceptible black and white pattern from afar reveals itself to be a packed mass of people and faces upon closer inspection. In Crowd, Warhol turns the spectators themselves into the spectacle, focusing on the collective power of the crowd.

Warhol’s Cars and Handle with Care – Glass – Thank You, both from 1962, feature one of the artist’s most recognizable pop art innovations: the serial repetition of an everyday image. Both serve as clear examples of Warhol’s ability to reinvent the ordinary, achieved in part by his use of screen printing to repeat images on a single canvas.

In Diamond Dust Shoes (1980), Warhol incorporated crushed glass particles on top of his screen printed images, a technique he employed in a number of works including portraits of famous personalities. In this piece, the faux “diamond dust” enhances the visual impact of the piece while reflecting the style and flash of the late disco era.

The new Warhol Snap Case series in Self Portrait, Crowd, Cars, Handle with Care – Glass – Thank You and Diamond Dust Shoes for iPhone 4S and iPhone 4 is available now at