Karl Lagerfeld Slated to Be ‘Global Guest Editor’ of Metro International

Karl Lagerfeld

Uncle Karl’s already saturated resume needs space for yet one more job description: Newspaper Editor.

Metro International newspapers, the news conglomerate that sends info over the newswires on a daily basis and has over 17 million daily readers, has tapped the in-exhaustive godhead of fashion himself – Karl Lagerfeld – to be their “Global Guest Editor” this upcoming year, on February 7th.

Lagerfeld is slated to provide prescient commentary and a couple of his illustrations to the publication, which will appropriately be entitled “The World According to Karl”. The February 7 paper will officially kick off Metro International’s world-wide coverage of Fashion Week, which starts in New York and follows with London, Milan and Paris. The issue is set to reach 100 cities in 22 countries. The gambol has already proven itself to be a success, following the overwhelming impact of Lady Gaga’s editorialship this past May 17th. That issue reached a staggering 80 million readers.

Metro and Lagerfeld’s team-up will also feature a “Look Book” competition, where readers will be eligible to submit images of their very best fashion-forward looks onto a yet t0 be announced website for a chance to win, not only a trip to Paris, and not only a smorgasbord of goods from a number of Lagerfeld’s collections, but to be the guest editor of the Metro’s February 6 edition.