Maayan Keret’s Name Is Being Buzzed About Now More Than Ever

Verbmodels is proud to announce the signing of Israeli legendary model Maayan Keret, whose career recently reignited at age 35 with a surge of editorial work and magazine covers.

You may have seen or heard of Israeli model Maayan Keret before, but her name is being buzzed about now more than ever. While the model began her career at just 15 years old, two decades later, she is still making a huge impact on the fashion world, and signing with Verbmodels will only add momentum to her quickly-expanding career.

The flame-tressed redhead walked the runway for designers like Calvin Klein, Marc Jacobs, Yohji Yamamoto, Kenzo, YSL, and more during her teen years, and earned her name with editorials in magazines such as Vogue, Elle, and Marie Claire. The fashion world was captured by her gaze and her abilities change personas with every click of the camera.

Matan Uziel, Senior Executive at Verbmodels, has watched Keret’s career blossom again over the past year. In an industry where “retirement” is a word spoken for models in their mid-twenties, Keret eschews the standard and uses her timeless beauty and poise to remain in demand. From her teenage years into her adulthood, Maayan Keret has transcended the fleeting trends of the modeling world and sees no end in sight to a successful career.

A dedicated mother and a successful author, Keret’s impressive recent work includes editorials in magazines such as KURV, QVEST Edition and FAULT, a cover for BLINK magazine, and a very special upcoming project with a Film Noir theme by FAULT magazine, to debut in just weeks.

Maayan Keret has seen a rare burst in career after modeling for 20 years, a true testament to her beauty and timeless presence on the page. She couldn’t be happier with her decision to sign with Verbmodels.

“Verbmodels headed by Matan Uziel is a place where the impossible turns to possible. Working with Matan, I always feel I’m not just another pretty face, but am treated with respect and care and all my concerns are addressed with the utmost of professionalism. Coming back to the modeling world after so many years, it’s fun to see my agent share the excitement with me, it drives me forward”, said Keret.

“Maayan is deifinitely an amazing person but also knows quite a lot about fashion. I couldn’t be more proud of my agency when she is a part of it. I feel the vibe and know we can make some great projects and build Maayan an even better career amongst each other. I’m really glad that I’m being paired with someone like her and will do my best to make sure she has the best possible care”, said Uziel.

Matan Uziel, whose dedication to replacing unhealthy weight standards with healthy body image at Verbmodels, proves that healthy can be the most beautiful with this latest contract. Verbmodels has been adding more international models to its roster since 2009, and the agency continues to expands its reach through new contracts and blossoming partnerships with worldwide publications and fashion brands. The agency is about to establish its new website soon. Look for more work from Maayan Keret in the upcoming months and the continued expansion of Verbmodels.